B.A.C Helicopters

The owner, Ray Chapin, started in aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in 1985 after graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  After a couple of years Ray moved to Norcross Helicopters where he would start to fulfill his dream of working on and flying helicopters.  In 1991, Ray became Director of Maintenance for EMS Air Services where he worked for 7 years until he moved to Fingerlakes Aviation to manage their shop.  By this time Ray had acquired his Private Helicopter rating and was working on a Commercial Rating.  In 1999, Ray went to work for himself as a mobile maintenance shop, working at various airports and heliports, gaining a reputation for Quality Inspections and Maintenance under the name B.A.C. Services.  In 2004 B.A.C. Helicopters was started and an Enstrom 280F was purchased.  After a few tough years trying to get the helicopter business going, B.A.C. moved to the Williamson-Sodus Airport where both companies have remained very busy ever since.

Flying helicopter