Helicopter Flight School

Thinking of a career change or wanting to start your career off as a helicopter pilot? Flying helicopters is a challenging and rewarding job. Every flight is different than the last one with a new set of challenges. The helicopter industry is currently in need of pilots and the need grows more each year.

B.A.C. Helicopters offers helicopter flight training for the Private, Commercial, and CFI ratings. We work hard to keep costs down for the students and we will also work with the student’s schedule to achieve the desired goal in the least amount of time. Our ground training program allows for one-on-one instruction with the student or it can be used for 2 or more students at one time. Our instructors are career pilots who love to fly and pass along their knowledge of helicopters to others.

Flight Instruction Minimum Requirements as of September 2016 (abbreviated)

General FAR 61.103 requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years old (16 years old for student pilot)
  • Hold a 3rd class medical or student certificate
  • Be able to read, write, and understand the English language.

Private Pilot License

  • 40 hours: 20 hours dual / 20 hours solo
  • Ground instruction: 40 hours or as necessary
  • Pass an FAA Knowledge Test
  • Pass an FAA 3rd class medical examination

Private Pilot add-on License (already have at least a private pilot rating in airplanes)

  • 30 hours total: 20 hours Dual/ 10 hours Solo
  • Ground School: As necessary per student needs
  • Pass an FAA Knowledge Test

Commercial Pilot License

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass an FAA Knowledge Test
  • Hold at least a Private Pilot License
  • 150 hours of flight time: 100 hours of Pilot-in-command time
  • 30 hours dual / 80 hours solo
  • Ground instruction as necessary per student needs

Commercial Pilot add-on rating (already have commercial airplane rating)

  • 150 hours total Aircraft Time: 100 hours in powered aircraft / 50 hours helicopter
  • 100 hours Pilot-in-command time with 35 hours PIC in helicopters
  • 10 hours cross country as PIC.
  • 20 hours training

Yes, Helicopters are expensive and it costs a lot to keep them flying, but the reality is that a helicopter commercial license can be obtained for a cost similar to a 2 year college.

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