“I love flying in helicopters and have always wanted to be a pilot. Flying with B.A.C. Helicopters was such a fun experience, a smooth ride and motivation to pursue my career in flight. The flight in the Enstrom F-28f was exceptionally smooth, exhilarating, exciting, safe and overall fun. Helicopters are truly great in that they can go anywhere they want, rather than a plane that is similar to a bumpy car ride, the helicopter is a whole different experience and one worth trying! Pilot Ray Chapin and B.A.C. Helicopters treated myself and my visiting lifelong friend who I only see once every few years like family, ensuring our safety, answering any questions we had before during and after the flight, and above all providing us with a sightseeing tour over the Finger Lakes to remember. The skill level and professionalism at B.A.C. Helicopters is a 10/10 and I can’t wait until the next time I fly with again with B.A.C. Helicopters.”

-Mark C. Pitifer